Three entry opportunities with the firm include these options:

Serving and working at The Perspective Group is an honor and a privilege. The individuals, families, and businesses we work with us treat us like family. They often share their most personal concerns and their most aspirational ambitions. Then, those who serve here, get the honor and responsibility to help them on their journey.

All team members are expected to reach or aim toward reaching our “Baseline Expectations.” These expectations help build the foundation for a very successful future. These expectations exist for three reasons. First, our financial planners come with perspective about what it takes to have a stable foundation. Second, we do what we teach. Lastly, we don’t want our team members to have to wrestle with life drama and by having a stable foundation, this removes financial stress from life which goes far toward reducing drama. Collectively, this helps us be here for you and deliver on our commitment to you.

Team Member Baseline Expectations

Leading by example | Team members enjoy a 2-year grace period to reach these

  1. Create a vision for your life. Stay positive and energized by focusing on your vision. Break your vision(s) into attainable goals, set deadlines and strive for these.
  2. Create or update your own plan (Wealth Vision) for the future. This plan should include your personal goals (“bucket-list”, sabbaticals, vacations, college, etc.). Goals need a time horizon (“by age 50”). All following items are verifiable in Wealth Vision and thereby hold us accountable.
  3. Maintain a visible reserve for opportunities or emergencies. Held in cash, intermediate bonds, laddered bonds, or for those who are allergic to cash, 3x the reserve target in a non-retirement stock, or stock-fund(s), account(s).
    Time with TPG Reserve target
    Starting 3rd year 2 Months of household take-home pay
    Starting 4th year 4 Months of household take-home pay
    Starting 6th year 6 Months of household take-home pay
  4. Only use debt for investments. Work to limit or eliminate debt.
    Okay for investment Just say no
    Businesses (limited) Automobiles
    Home (80% max.) Toys (boats, planes, etc.)
    Education (limited) Credit cards
    Borrowing on depreciating items
  5. Commit to investing for the future through your 401(k), Roth IRA, IRA, or other tax-friendly containers.
    Time with TPG Savings rate (as a percent of your AGI)
    Starting 3rd year 10%
    Starting 4th year 15%
    Starting 6th year 20%

    Show me what percentage of your income you’re putting away for the future, and I’ll tell you your future.
    – Nick Murray

  6. Invest the majority of your wealth using the strategies we advocate. Our strategies are built to be the best. If you know of a better strategy, help TPG move to the one you believe is even better. It shows authenticity to invest along side of other team members and our clients.
  7. Maintain key insurance.
    Health – a must have
    Disability – at least enough to cover 60% of your compensation
    Life – at least $500,000 in term insurance
    Long-term Care – sufficient enough to cover 70% of expected costs for the first three years
    Sufficient coverage on all homes, vehicles, and business property
    Liability, or umbrella, coverage – at least $1.0 million of protection
    Identity theft and indentity-theft monitoring with restoration coverage
  8. Have essential legal documents in place: Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts.

If you think you are a good fit with our firm, please email your resume and one-page introductory letter to