Our Approach

How We Do It

We help you live by….

Goal planning
Stress testing

Our approach for helping you pursue life looks like this:

Our “Service Commitment”

1. We say what we do | Clearly articulate everything throughout any exchange
2. We do what we say | Organize tasks and follow up until finished
3. We treat you as a great friend | Celebrate milestones at every opportunity
4. We answer the phone | And, when we do, we smile and thank you for calling
5. We are responsive | Provide you with answers and estimate closure timing
6. We are on your side and in your corner | Lead financial planners have your back
7. We extend a hand or offer a hug | “It’s not what you say, it’s how you make me feel.”
8. We communicate with you as you prefer | In person, phone, email, and text (personal items only; no business transactions)
9. We honor you with grace | We always respect you even if we don’t agree with you
10. We deliver consistency | Life is uncertain – We offer certainty through consistency

Continuously learning from you

ACE Council

The Advisory Client Experience, or ACE, Council is one way we continuously improve on our clients’ experience. Formed in 2017, The ACE Council includes approximately twelve clients in addition to our team members. Members interact twice a year to share wisdom, insights, and offer challenges on ways we can improve the firm and the experience we offer our clients. The brainstorming has helped us, among other things, refine our website, create a meaningful client-survey process, and help decide what content we create for our library. Members serve three-year terms. If you would like to nominate someone, including yourself, to the ACE Council, please let us know.

Client surveys

We survey our clients after their first three months of working with our firm. This helps us ensure that we are well aware of our new clients’ experience. We continue the survey habit – and thanks to ACE Council feedback, have a short and informative annual survey that we send to approximately one third of our advisory clients each year.

Client feedback

We ask our clients for feedback in our interactions. Being adaptable and listening to our clients has helped shaped your firm. Your firm has improved how we present information to you, how we relay information to you, and how we manage our communication with you. Most importantly, we are in search of your feedback. We want your firm to be just right for you.