Our Firm

Our Firm

We are organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that has adopted the b-corporation tenants into our Articles of Organization. B-corporations are built around the framework that if you want to be the best in the world, then you better be the best for the world.

Our focus is to:

  • Be trusted by our clients
  • Provide a dedicated team with a lead CFP® Professional to partner with
  • Provide world-class team members who know how to help you on your life journey
  • Provide an excellent work environment for our world-class team members
  • Add value in our communities and in our world through acts of service and sharing of resources
“We don’t have to bend to conventional wisdom; nor do we have to stand alone. There is a global movement of people using the power of business to achieve a higher purpose than profit maximization. They strive to use business as a force for good: good for workers, good for communities, good for the environment. They redefine success in business by competing to be not just best in the world, but best for the world.”  Sincerely, Jay, Bart, Andrew, and the B Lab Team

B Lab, The Perspective Group and LPL Financial are separate entities.

The Perspective Group aims to:

Create a world-class team. Team members enjoy their experience because of:

  • Working for great clients, who share our values, and who we enjoy spending time with
  • Working with world-class peers who push for excellence and who continuously learn and strive for improvement
  • Receiving comprehensive benefits such as…
    • Full participation with firm strategy
    • Shared ownership
    • Competitive compensation
    • Quarterly bonuses for results
    • 401(k) and health insurance
    • Paid 7-week sabbaticals
    • Paid maternity and paternity time off
    • Paid time for volunteering
    • Childcare assistance
    • Flexible hours and scheduling
    • Wellness programs…including standing desks
    • Charitable-donation matching

Be a leader in our community

  • Many of our CFP® Professionals are also members of Rotary International
  • Our firm promotes community events – such as Community Bike Rides
  • Our firm partners with outreach organizations
  • We actively volunteer in our communities
  • We actively serve our world
  • Have a commitment to giving back

Be healthy for the environment

  • Paper-light office
  • Active recycling (from batteries, packaging, to shredding)
  • We assist our clients with “going paperless” when that fits with their preference and we assist with shredding and recycling of sensitive documents in a responsible way
  • Use videoconferencing at times versus travelling to meet in person

Be valuable for shareholders

  • Team-member owned firm
  • Full transparency with financials
  • Deliver profits through our ethos as a lean operation without needing to impress with fancy offices, cars, clothes, or entertainment
  • Focus on the long term with discipline and a plan