Client Experience

Client Experience


The Client Experience Team Member provides the first impression of the firm and goes on to strengthen the ongoing experience clients have with our firm. The client experience team member’s purpose is to make the client feel special, listened to, important, and that we are on her side. He or she will have a very pleasing disposition and a way of making people feel at ease.

Internally, the client experience team member is a vital contributor to the success of the firm. He or she provides the communication within the firm to help ensure team members are aware and aligned regarding the delivery of excellent service. The team member is responsible for the coordination, process, and overall management of client account documentation. She or he collaborates with the team to prepare client reports and helps maintain contact with clients to provide, or obtain, relevant information. The client experience team member schedules client meetings with preferred team members and troubleshoots problems while maintaining a positive attitude and a client-centric approach.

Key attributes:

  • Aligned with our Core Values
  • Internally motivated and strives for excellence
  • Likes to work. Wants to work. Sees work as way of providing value and making a difference.
  • Wants to work with a young, but stable, growing firm… that is creating the processes and systems that he or she will use.
  • Wants to help others succeed
  • Is intrinsically rewarded when the team does well
  • Is already aligned with our “Teammate Expectations” and is very willing to strive toward attaining our expectations over his or her career.

Ideal candidate:

The ideal candidate likely has either hospitality experience or business experience. She or he may have an accounting background and could hold a CPA license. Importantly, she or he eats details for breakfast and takes pride in providing world-class service. Bottom line, he or she wants to work for a high-energy, goal-oriented firm and is excited to be part of our mission to assist clients toward financial freedom and pursing their best future.